Three Ways to Rejuvenate Old Posts for SEO

Old blog posts stacking up in your blog? Don’t worry. They can still help your blog earn a higher reputation and improve website authority. Here are a few ways you could rejuvenate your old blog posts for better SEO results and audience reception.

1. Best-Selling Content

At one point, some of your old blog posts gained a huge following from your audience. A well-written post in the past will still do well at present. Measure your post metrics in terms of social shares, interaction and public engagement. Also gauge if the topic is still time-relevant. This means if the post still has a perspective relative to the present, the engagement can still get better views.

2. Update them With Information

Old blogs already have a perspective. Adding it relevant information keeps it up to date and relative to the present. Be sure to do some extra research before reposting. You will save time from proofreading and writing copy while gaining extra traffic from your external sources.

3. Improve SEO

Your old blog on-page SEO were designed before search engine result updates. Be sure to update its title, keywords and secondary keywords. It is also important to improve your tags and sitemap just in case. Allow bots to re-index your old blog post to improve its rankings online.

Three Important Reminders Before You Hit the Studio

Always remember that your audio engineer does not perform magic. His or her talents are only useful in making your recording sound professional and pleasing, but making the song soulful and organic is up to the artist. Here are three things you should always practice before hitting the studio.

1. Documentation
Musical documentation is not always sheet music; it could just be a notebook with lyrics, chords or tablature of your group or solo songs. This documentation will be useful especially if someone forgets parts in songs. Most vocalists also forget some of their lyrics and musicians some of their passages, especially complicated ones, despite consistent practice.

2. Preparation
Your instrument is crucial to bringing the song to life. Vocalists should avoid stressing their vocal chords and they must talk sparingly a day or two before the recording date. Musicians must check their instruments to avoid broken strings or instrument malfunction during the recording.

3. Practice
Having the right documentation in hand helps prepare musicians to play their music during recording, but some of the more “organic” passages rely heavily on practice. Look at every minute detail and some errors in the passages you play and try to improve them before the recording date.

Ensuring Your Web Networks Are Working for You

Companies planning to expand their audience need to expand to the proper channels. If the company is a car blog, advertising on a motorcycle blog is ill-advisable. These, and others listed here, are some of the few things a company’s PR team must consider before engaging with a new website for a guest blog or advertisement.

1. Check their Audience
Companies will want to make sure they are relative to the audience of the blog, news network or online magazine. Advertising too much technicality about cars in a fashion blog is irrelative. Discussing about how cars and fashion mingle together can inspire audiences to visit your own website and your own products and services.

2. Network Reputation
A blog with technical flaws in terms of SEO, such as black hat activities, can also affect your own website’s reputation if you are not careful. Check the sources of news websites, the activities of the blog and the online reach of the blog or network you are working with before proceeding.

3. Future Plans
Networks need to be included in an online PR strategy. Assessing the lifespan of the news network you will work with can affect the marketing presence of your company. The possibility of unreliable or mismanaged information in a news blog from their own sources can also affect the way audiences of such a blog would view you and other advertisers or contributors the same way.

How to Succeed In Internet Marketing Without Being Too Technical

Black hat or white hat search engine tactics could help your small business gain an advantage, but internet marketing is not just metrics and numbers with proper keywords to ensure your consumers land into your page. Here are a few things you should know.

1. Innovation and Strategy
It does not mean that the first search engine optimisation project you have done will make later projects easier for you to create and make successful. Even if you have talent in search engine and internet marketing, it will take innovation and strategy to enhance your skills and make your talent productive, above everything else.

2. Involve Yourself
Be sure to look at the advertisements you place in different websites and affiliates. Ask if you are relevant to their industry or trade. Selling gardening services on a vehicle maintenance blog is not really a good way to make your company and advertising relevant. If you make even the quirkiest connection to an industry, you can ensure relevance, which could help boost your sales.

3. Diversify Services
Despite having trusted sources for things you would need to make your business productive, diversifying your services is highly important. Remember that other small businesses and outsourcing could provide a different quality of service that experienced or well-trusted businesses you work with may not have.

Why Resting Your Ears is Highly Important

A day’s session of tracking instruments could render an audio engineer’s ears “blocked out” by certain frequencies peaking as the instrument plays. This is the same as when you retain a specific posture; your body and your back aches when you remain on it for so long. Your ear muscles are also doing the same, which is why you must rest your ears before doing anything else

You will want good and precise sounds from the instruments you record, and the sound of your equipment will never be the same if your ears still have their frequencies blocked. You could not distinguish perceived loudness effectively. It is also highly important to consider having some breaks in between to ensure that you are still hearing the same sound while you are tracking instruments.

A good solution to rest your ears is to listen to something soft, such as the trickling of water, or an audiobook voice. This will allow your ears to instantly adjust to the softer sound, allowing them to concentrate their muscle movement on such and relax the other muscles instantly.

Normally, it would be wise to edit audio as soon as you have a good night’s rest. The ears completely relax their muscles after your rest, and will resume their movement as soon as you wake up.

Ear Training: Essential in Songwriting

Ever get stumped because you’re repeating the same melodies all over? Maybe you have been a proficient musician nonetheless, but the idea you want is still straying far from you? Maybe you need to train your ears to recognise melodies a bit more. Here are a few things that could help you start.

1. Intervals
Intervals are the most important pieces of a melody. It is how a note interacts with another note, and the flavour of that interaction emitting into a feeling. With an interval, you recognise the centre of the song. Relate these intervals with each other, and you may find different kinds of colours within a scale. The first and last notes are the centres of a song, and they differ in many ways.

2. The Root
The root note is the starting point of any scale, and any interaction with other notes in the scale gives it a different feeling. When you go off-scale, you may also find other flavours, but they may sound unsuitable with other notes. In common songs, you may find the third and fifth interval as the structure of chords, with other chords in the scale giving a different flavour for each passage.

3. Strength and Color
There is no definite way to say a note is the right note for a song. Instead, analysing the strengths of interactions between two, three, four or even more notes in a scale helps you understand which ones you need in your song. Combine different ways, and as a musician, “feel” the color and strength you need in a song. A root with a fifth is typical in most rock songs. In jazz songs, the seventh interval always works if combined with the second.

Banks May Be Cheating You With “Alternative Redress” on PPI Claims

The regulatory provision “alternative redress” or “comparative redress” allows a bank, in specific situations, to replace a consumer’s single-premium PPI for a regular-premium PPI. The difference in prices is staggering, and consumers who claim back PPI refunds today should know when to identify alternative redress.

On average, a regular-premium PPI costs around £2780, but you may be owed £3500-5000 because of your single premiums. Imagine how much Barclays, Lloyds and RBS saved from using the regulatory provision.

According to UK investigation estimates, Barclays had used the regulatory provision from October 2012 to October 2013. Lloyds had used the provision from February 2013. The length of time guarantees that the banks had saved millions from refunding consumers. Surely, the present total of £28 billion for recompensing the United Kingdom is not enough.

PPI is a policy designed to repay loans and mortgages. However, many bank representatives sold the insurance to those who did not need it. You are ineligible for a PPI if you already have a medical condition, are retired, unemployed or self-employed upon purchasing.

Despite being vilified by the UK media and authorities, reputable claims management companies, such as can help you get back all the refunds you deserve.

Understanding the Value of Personal Authority in Blogs

An official company blog will still sound like a generic advertisement if written without a figurehead. However, you cannot just choose any person to write a personal blog for your company. You need someone related to the field of expertise to write the blog based on what topic you have.

Personal authority allows audiences to trust the person in your company based on their expertise and profession in the company. If a security manager can point out possible risks in internet security for the company and he or she advises readers about what they can do for their own systems, and those who followed his or her advice found it useful and effective, then they can earn more credential, and citation.

However, personal authority comes with proper expertise. People will look for credentials of your professional, so it is best that you identify them in the website with a short profile about their profession and their past achievements. While people may still want to read your employee blogs given their usefulness, hiring professionals with good credentials shows a great image for the company.

The fun part with such blogs is that they do not sound like generic company blogs. They have personality and are written in the manner your employee speaks, including their humour and biased opinions. This compels readers to come back for more information in your company blog.

Resolving the Smallest Problems in Audio Production

Almost anybody could record their songs at home and develop their song writing skills. Making songs is an enjoyable process even when you’re alone, but sometimes, enjoyment overlooks your attention detail, which is highly important in producing good, quality recordings. Even if you may consider these the smallest issues your home studio might have, these are highly important.

1. Noisy Cables
Cables you use to connect your microphones to mixers play a great role in the quality of audio you can get. A noisy cable might be something you could overlook. Here are a few ways you could get rid of noisy cables. These will show up especially when you’re compressing audio tracks.

2. Scratchy Monitors
If your monitors are scratchy, but they deliver the mix fine, you might be missing a few hertz of frequencies, which can make all the difference in your final mix. Be sure to always clean the insides of your monitors and be sure to determine its problem. Sometimes, malfunctioning equipment can cost you the time you used in producing and recording your songs.

3. Compression Speed
Compression speed might seem irrelevant especially if you’re compressing at very loud levels, but sometimes, it could induce unnecessary pumping in some areas of your mix. Master compression may also suddenly lower the volume due to the speed of the gate. Try different volume levels to help you find a “sweet spot.”

Content, Images and All the Trends Possible in 2014

In 2013, many web marketers found that high quality content and accessibility because highly important in endorsing products, services and websites. This 2014, they expect the trends to go in full swing. Small and big businesses should take heed of the following for their internet marketing endeavours for 2014.

1. Content
High quality content in terms of composition and quality helped many websites gain audience favour. In 2014, high quality content stretches to the aesthetic. High-definition videos for advertisements or infotainment will become a demand with consumers. This might mean bigger storages or new web streaming deals for businesses. Experts expect these content databases to increase more than twofold this year.

2. Image Centricity
Infographics made it fun and simple for many people to digest facts without having a spinning head or tired eyes bombarded by text. Images inserted in timely rhythms in articles gave readers time to digest the idea or become distracted by the image. Indeed, investing in in-house graphic designers and developers will be crucial for business marketing.

3. Social Media
Social media, with part of it similar to RSS feeds for audiences, had helped many businesses flourish in terms of marketing. However, new social networks continue to gain popularity and each one has a different format and feature than the other. Posting a business profile on each one could help you gain more audiences as well. Diversity in social media is a must to stay on top for 2014.